By Dr. Rexford Goliath

Mash up the stylistic vigor of Sufjan Stevens and Ed Sheeran with the songcraft of Courtney Barnett and Ben Folds and you get Jaime Garamella. With irresistibly catchy hooks and lyrics far from boilerplate, the Brooklyn-based songwriter has a Jekyll-and-Hyde approach -- writing timeless acoustic tunes steeped in American soul, country, folk, and blues, but with the fire of a blistering Marshall stack just below the surface of even his gentlest fingerpicking. It's live shows where Jaime's energy, charisma, and ability to connect with an audience really bring the music to life.  

A Finalist in the 2014 NewSong/Mountain Stage Contest, Jaime has recorded two albums and several EPs of his songs.  He has also written music for other artists, indie films, documentaries, TV commercials, radio jingles, and even the theme song for a pro hockey team. He has sung at Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall as well as in TV commercials, radio jingles, and even a PBS Kids album. He's played guitar with bluesman Roy Roberts and rapper Big Daddy Kane. He's toured nationally both solo and with his band, The Spanish Channel, supporting national acts including Tim Reynolds (of Dave Matthews Band) & TR3 and Alex Skolnick of Testament. Most recently he performed solo at NYC's Lincoln Center.

Raised in Connecticut, Jaime has lived in North Carolina, Tokyo, and Boston, and now calls New York City home. When he's not performing, he teaches voice, guitar, and bass and runs the Vocal program at NYC Guitar School.

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